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Places to visit Imprimir
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Our location allows you to reach many beautiful places in a short amount of time.

Discover the Devil Nose, Ingapirca (Inca ruins), the Ozogoche Lake at 3.700 meters high, or the Incas Path.

AlausiAGO05_ 545 Ozogoche Lake 3.700 meter of altitude... Through beautifully set the lake is best known as the site of a curious phenomenon that no one has been able to explain. Every year in the months of September October, it is believed that the cuvivies birds migrate from North America to Argentina, during their journey they pass through the cold weather of Chimborazo. Hundreds or migratory plovers suddenly plunge deep into the icy waters of the lake and kill themselves.

Ingapirca.- Means  "Inca's wall or Fortress" and is located at 3.180 meters above sea level. It was built with perfectly cut stones, joined with natural elements. For the Incas it was a ritual center, with a temple dedicated solely to the sun. It has been built during the reign of the Inca King Huayna Capac (end of 15 th century). Ingapirca was a "Royal Tambo" a place for the nobility to rest while travelling . It is said that Atahualpa (one of the sons of the Inca ruler) resided in this fortress. The site includes: Cemetery, solar temples, observatories, roads, canals for water, warehouse, plaza, priest chairs and quarters dwelling for the common citizen.

The Devil Nose - (1870-1925)  A team of engineers lead by the North Americans William Shunck and brothers Archer and John Harman, come up with  an ingenious solution of carving a series of tight zigzags into the side of the mountain, which allowed the train to climb a gradient from 1.800 to 2.600 meters, by doing forwards then backwards up the tracks.

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