Welcome to the Posada de las nubes...where the clouds find their home Print


La Posada de las Nubes  is a farm holidays located 25 minutes away from Alausi nestled in the high countryside of Ecuador offers  a breathtaking view over three mountain ranges.

Your stay will be made unforgettable by our passion for family hospitality and a close attention to details, by the fulfillment of the five senses through music, food, different textures, colors, aromas and by nature’s strong, visual impact.

The old farmhouse was restaured in 2002, keeping its century-old foundations and main walls and following traditional building methods. Natural materials were used, such as the earth itself, together with straw and bamboo cane, thus creating the harmonious whole, which is now our refuge, “La Posada de las Nubes”.

The house blends perfectly with the surrounding landscape, thanks to the natural colors used both outside and inside. In the interior, wood and bamboo cane join with the adobe walls to show a variety of essential shapes. Daylight filters through the windows with charming effects on the colored walls, removing any difference between internal and external space.

Given the care we give to our fragilized environment, you will be most happy to know that the hot water used in the Posada de las nubes is provided through solar panels.